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Here is an excerpt from the Conversation we had with the Core Team Members at ClickOnCare.com :

What is ClickOnCare.com all about?

Founders: It is one of it's kind e-commerce venture catering to the Healthcare, Wellness & Fitness Product sector. It all started with an Idea in a small room of a 1 BHK Apartment in Bangalore and grew into an Organization. On one hand, we had the Industrial Expertise and on the other we had the Management. We wanted to cater to more than just selling Products; we envisioned PRODVICE - Product with Service. Today, we cater to the entire Indian Market, ensuring 100% Customer Satisfaction with no room for errors. 

Where are you Guys based out of?

Everyone: Bangalore.. We love this place..

What kind of people do you work with or would want to work with?

Co-founder: All of us here have 1 thing in common - PASSION..  We look for people who are enthusiastic enough to own up to their work, and PASSION is the key to that.

Any message for the Buyers?

Co-founders: Just Click On Care and we will take care of the rest..

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