aldry antiperspirant lotion, 150gm

Brand: Curatio | Marketed By: Curatio

Aldry is an antiperspirant lotion which acts on the sweat glands to control excessive perspiration. 

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Q: Can it reduce sweaty palms? (2 Answers)

Posted By : -Amit Kumar Mahto on 15 December, 2018

A : Yes it reduces too much.

Posted By : Venkatesh Kumar on 16 December, 2018

Q: Does it really stop Sweating? (2 Answers)

Posted By : ClickOnCare on 13 March, 2018

A : Yes! It should help to a large extent.

Posted By : Venkatesh Kumar on 14 March, 2018

Q: Are there any side effects of using this (2 Answers)

Posted By : partha saikia on 06 June, 2020

A : Research suggests no side effect of antiperspirants.If your skin is sensitive towards the contained chemicals then irritation may occur.Otherwise it os safe for long term use.If you find any redness swelling on the applied area consult a dermatologist.Hope this helps.

Posted By : Ram Ramesh on 06 June, 2020

Q: Can I use aldry on my face? I used once, any problem? (1 Answers)

Posted By : Venkatesh Kumar on 17 May, 2018

A : No