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amrita bindu, 120ml

Brand: Shankar Pharmacy | Marketed By: A&J Marketing

Amrita Bindu is an ayurvedic product for all Gastrointestinal Problems including loss of appetite.

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Q: I have gastric problem from 8 years. Now I'm using Amrutha Bindu from past one month. Now I don't have the problem but if i start drinking alcohol again, will the problem come back? (2 Answers)

Posted By : ClickOnCare on 16 February, 2018

A : If Amrita Bindu has helped you till now, do complete the course of the product. Alcohol itself will re-create Gastric Issues once you start drinking, however, occasional usage in small quantities should be fine.

Posted By : MAKTAR UDDIN BARBHUIYA on 16 February, 2018

Q: Will it work for constipation problem? (1 Answers)

Posted By : Suraj Paracer on 18 December, 2018

A : Yes , It works for constipation in a most satisfying manner.

Q: Using this color of latrine and urine is changing, why? (1 Answers)

Posted By : Kanneganti Markandeyulu on 19 October, 2019

A : Becau the Medcines contained in this drug which are of alkaline in nature controls the acidity and change the color of urine and feacul matter

Q: Can I take along with the gastric tablet because the doctor has prescribed me to take tablet for 1 month (1 Answers)

Posted By : on 27 October, 2018

A : you should consult ayurvedic doctor for answer. pantropazole andother gastric tablets work by suppressing release of certain enzymes. ayurvedic medicines work in exactly opposite way.

Q: Sirs I have been operated for arthroscopic surgery, of course with heavy anti biotics. Since then before taking any tiffin/or meals am getting high acidity and vomiting fact whatever in take it will come out. Heavy constipation since then. once is 4 days only it is coming out ,even that with heavy pressure and it is sticking on. My close friend suggested amirta bidu which should resolve all these problems..No proper digestion, no proper taking sugar tablet along with the re nerve plus as suggested by the diabetic doctor Can u please let me know. (1 Answers)

Posted By : Suraj Paracer on 27 November, 2018

A : I am a diabetic and is on insulin along with other relevant medicines. I had chronic constipation before the use of Amrita Bindhu which I Used for about a year. I find that this medicine is fantastic for curing constipation. This medicine does not have side effects as well. I have already suggested Amrita Bindhu to lot of my friends with encouraging results. I am sure that the Amrita Bindhu will definitely help you in solving your digestive problem.

Q: kya ise mera weight gain hoga kya ? (1 Answers)

Posted By : Ankit Sapra on 10 February, 2019

A : Yes, because indirectly ye ap ke loss of appetite ko cure karta hai.