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Ener C 1000, 20 Tablets


Marketed By   : Adroit Biomed
Brand  : Adroit Biomed

ENERC1000 is enriched with Phyllanthus emblica extract, considered as a rich source of vitamin C. In effervescent format ENER C is the right choice of your daily health drink.

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  • Product Description

Skin is always busy fighting with the enormous quantities of free radicals produced by virtue of biological reactions and critically because of external insults such as UV radiations, pollution and chemicals. This free radical overload (FRO) interferes in the cellular metabolism as well as leads to collagen degradation and melanin over production. Balancing this FRO is important to ensure health of the skin and also to prevent the loss of collagen. Phyllanthus embelica extract in ENERC1000 is considered as a rich source of vitamin C. It helps fight free radicals, boosts collagen and lightens the skin.


  • Lightens skin by reducing melanin pigment
  • Increases production and transfer of anti ageing protein
  • Exerts photo-protective effects by neutralizing free radicals

Used for:

  • Skin lightening effect
  • Photo-ageing
  • Post procedures


  • Faster action
  • Tangy orange flavor
  •  No after taste
  •  Convenient and trendy

How to Consume (Dosage):

  • Drop a tablet in 200 ml of water
  • Wait till effervescent tablet dissolves completely
  • Drink to the great tasting fizzy orange health drink
  • Consume 1 tablet a day

Recommended Dosage:

Take 1 tablet daily in the morning or as directed by Healthcare Professionals
Product Specifications
Applied/Used For:Skin Care
Ideal For:Men, Women
Application Area:Oral Consumption
Treatment Type:Ener C is a Dietary Nutritional Supplement with Phyllanthus emblica L. (Amla) extract (Source of Vitamin C)
Lifestage:For All
Dosage:1 Tablet per day or as directed by Healthcare Professional
Key Ingredients:Phyllanthus emblica L. (Amla) extract (Source of Vitamin C)
Other Ingredients:Citric acid (acidity regulator)(INS300), (Phyllanthus emblica L.) (Amla) extract, Sodium hydrogen carbonate(Acidity regulator) [INS 500(ii)], Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Orange flavor, Beta carotene(color)[INS 160 a(ii)], Polyethylene glycol(Anti foaming agent)(INS 1521), Sucralose[INS 955], Clody mix powder {Titanium dioxide (color) [INS 171], Emulsifier (Acacia gum) [INS 414]}. Contains Permitted Natural And Synthetic Food Colour (INS 160a(ii)) and Added Flavour [Nature-Identical Orange Flavouring Substances]. Ener C 1000 contains Sucralose. Not recommended for children. No sugar added in the product. Ener C 1000 contains Artificial Sweetener and for Calorie Conscious.
Composition:Phyllanthus emblica L. (Amla) extract : 1000 mg, Energy : 12.27 Kcal, Fat : 0.01 g, Protein : 0.00 g, Carbohydrates : 3.05 g, Sugar 0.72 g, (Nutritional Information Approx Values) Per serving (4g) tablet
Country of Manufacture:India
Product Brand:Adroit Biomed
Product Packaging Info:Box
In The Box:20 Effervescent Tablets

Customer's Question & AnswerAny Questions?

A : I can't comment on this right now.. coz I m not taking it with glutone tablets
Posted By: soni laheri on 19 July, 2018
A : Yes, it gives better results as Ener C Tablets are Water -Soluble Vitamins and it does not stay in the body for longer time but when consumed along with Glutone 1000 Skin Lightening Tablets the time the tablets takes to react gets longer and thus a 2-3 shades brighter and lighter skin tone.
Posted By: Gerry George on 19 July, 2018
A : Yes
Posted By: Anne Kumari on 19 July, 2018
A : Yes its works..
Posted By: Praveen Sonu on 16 September, 2018
Q : Does it really lightens the skin?(2 Answers)
Posted By: pallavi Gonchigar on 04 July, 2018
A : To some extent it does, but if you take it with glutone 1000 it helps a lot, i have been using the combination of both from past 5 months and see a actual change of 2-3 lighter skin tone.
Posted By: Meena Ramanarayanan on 05 July, 2018
A : Beware from direct sun light please apply sunscreen for good result
Posted By: Praveen Sonu on 16 September, 2018
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4.01 Average Rating (109 Reviews)
  • 4 ★
    Effective product... I am happy with it...
    Madhu on May 27, 2020
  • 4 ★
    A K Bardhan on May 23, 2020
  • 5 ★
    I can feel the difference:-)
    Wazid on October 14, 2019

Is it safe to use these tablets along with Glutone 1000 Skin Lightening Tablets???

4 answers

I can't comment on this right now.. coz I m not taking it with glutone tablets

Yes, it gives better results as Ener C Tablets are Water -Soluble Vitamins and it does not stay in the body for longer time but when consumed along with Glutone 1000 Skin Lightening Tablets the time the tablets takes to react gets longer and thus a 2-3 shades brighter and lighter skin tone.


Yes its works..

Does it really lightens the skin?

2 answers

To some extent it does, but if you take it with glutone 1000 it helps a lot, i have been using the combination of both from past 5 months and see a actual change of 2-3 lighter skin tone.

Beware from direct sun light please apply sunscreen for good result

I get eaisly bruised as i have a deficiency of vit C so if i take these effervescent tablets rather than normal tablets will it work?

1 answers

Ener C 1000 helps fight free radicals, boosts collagen and lightens the skin. Presented in effervescent format it’s the right choice of your daily health drink and you can have them along with your daily diet, but we would still suggest you to consult a Doctor if you have not for any signs of "Scurvy" which is a treatable rare disease wich is caused by deficiency of Vitamin C.

is it safe to use this medicine?

1 answers

This is not a medicine, its an supplement, which you can take daily without any issues.

Iska use ky hai and kyun?

1 answers

Improper diet, smoking aur drinking se vitamin C ki kami hojati hai, issliye ye tablet lene se vo deficiency ka supplement hojati hai.

how to parchse dis product?

1 answers

You can place the order in the Website itself. If you need further order related assistance then contact us via these means. Call us on 080 41656200/ WhatsApp: 8618796458 or Write Us at contact@clickoncare.com

How is this better than normal tablets?

1 answers

These are water soluble tablets, so it is pretty convinent to have. Just put it in a glass of water and once completely dissolved, drink it.

this is safe for diabetic patient

22 answers

Yes it is!

No as it contains dextrose which is a form of sugar


Not sure

Please consult your doctor

Good product really works

I am not sure if it's safe for diabetic patients. It tastes really sweet.



i can't say much on that as i m not a diabetic, although it has a great fizzy taste. But i think its is safe.



Yeah it is safe but consult with your doctor before start taking

Yes it is safe for diabetic patient

I m not sure please contact your regular doctor. Thank you

I don't know

No I dont think it will be safe for diabetic patient as it contain sugar. I suggest to consult a doctor before taking those pills.

Yes it is safe bcoz it does not contain Sugar.. Like other vitamin C tablets for Example Limcee



It is safe in diabetic patients. Instead regular intake of vitamin C (in prescribed doses i.e. 1000 mg/day) is found to help maintain blood sugar levels and reduce the chances of cardiovascular events in diabetics (as they are at higher risk) along with its other benefits .

Yes it will be safe without sugar flavour.

Is it permanent whitening or temporary?

10 answers


You have to use for 2-3 month for a 2 shade lighting effect, then u can stop using it for 3 months; then again you have to use it to maintain your colour shade.

Temporary effect. That too with a lot of maintenance.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant


If you maintain properly then it's permanent whitening


If you care for your skin, its permanent.

This is depends on your self maintain.

Vitamin C is essential for healthy skin, hair and nails. If taken in prescribed dose regularly, it has multiple benefits like boosting immunity, anti ageing effects on skin, cardio protective effects, etc. It also gives glow to the skin and helps improve the complexion and texture of skin . But again nothing is permanent...You need to understand that there is constant wearing and tearing in our body with advancing age and exposure to external stressors and pollutants. These tablets just help us to neutralize these changes. So if you stop taking Vitamin C, your body will slowly come back to its previous state in a couple of months.

Any side effects if I use it daily?

24 answers

No, there's no any side effects

No there's no side effects

No Side effects. Its a powerful tablet.. My pimples are removed.



I m using it since almost 20 days now...I m not facing any side effects as of yet. At the same time I wud also like to emphasize that everybody is different. What works for me, may not work for u. U can consult a physician before starting consumption.

Yes u can have it daily..no side effects good for ur health



Let me use for a month first



No side effects

No, not at all. I have been using since 4 months...there is no side effects...it makes ur skin glow n u will get much better results if u take it along with "glutone 1000".


i have't been take the tablet yet!

There are no side effects of Ener C 1000, you can use it daily.

I bought it and started using it two day ago And there is no side effects as such i feel so

No side effects.....it's vitamin c tablet only ....good for skin

I don't think so... As i have used it for 3 months continuously and didn't find any side effect.

Best vit c tab...no side effects

There are no side effects as such. The prescribed dose itself is once every day.. but few people can get mild gastric irritation causing mild diarrhoea ( not common).

No ,there are no side effects at all .IT taste really good and refreshing. I'll continue to take it without hesitation as it does more good thanks harm.

I'm satisfied with shopping on clickoncare.com

Can this be used in pregnancy if we are pregnant for two or three weeks?

10 answers

Sorry I can't answer this question as I am not sure



I don't know about this you should contact your doctor then you can use.

Yes it can b used. But better to Consult your Doctor first

Please don't have it during early pregnancy..


This supplement should not be used in a pregnancy time.

Yea you can

Although till doses of 2000 mg/day is considered safe. But it is not advisable to take large doses of Vitamin C during pregnancy. 1000 mg is quite a large dose as compared to daily requirement which is around 85 mg/day during pregnancy. Megadoses of Vitamin C has been associated with pre term delivery and it can cause gastric irritation leading to diarrhoea which is again not a good in pregnancy. So its better to avoid it.

Which glutone tablet can i take with this vit c tablets for better result???

9 answers

I am using GLUTONE1000.It is best.

Glutone 1000 is best results started in less than 15 days

You can use any glutathione containing tablets with Ener C for better results. Just be careful while purchasing glutathione products because there are hundreds of fake products in the market. I buy Glutone 1000 which is available on Clickoncare itself. You need to add 1 tablet each of Glutone 1000 and Ener C to a glass of water (200 ml approx), leave it for a couple of minutes to let it dissolve completely . Then consume it preferably empty stomach every morning (There’s no strict rule to it but its advised).

Glutone 1000

Glutone 1000

Write Answer: Glutone 1000

Glutone 1000

1000 mg glutone tablets is best ener vit- c 1000.

Glutone1000 is the best combination to go for with vit c tablets.

Any specific time for taking this???

27 answers

Are you planning to take this with glutathione?

Take in morning

In the morning, empty stomach

Morning on empty stomach

morning along with your breakfast is ideal time to take

At morning empty stomach

Morning an hour before breakfast.

Slow effect. Good but not very much. Effect is very slow on my full body and my skintone. It was just like a energy drink.


Early morning empty stomach

Yes on empty stomach in morning for best result with glutone 1000 mg

Ya...in the morning before breakfast

For better results,consume it in empty stomach

Yes everymoring empty stomach. 1 tab. Daily

morning in empty stomach

Yes on empty stomach

There’s no specific timings for consuming Ener C . You can take it anytime. It is advised to fix a time in a day so that you don’t miss a dose .

Yes early in the morning

Any time in a day we can take this ..but if we take with first meal or empty stomach it will give us fastly results

It is said that taking it empty stomach (30 min before breakfast) in the morning is better but if it upsets your stomach as it is citric take it 30 min after breakfast.

This tablet should be taken at early morning in an empty stomach.

It should be taken empty stomach.

Awesome product!! Very Happy with the result so soon...

Morning empty stomach,best time

I dont know but i m taking it in the morning after food

Good result

Best time is with empty stomach every morning.

when i have to take it? empty stomach in the morning??

5 answers

It's better to take it on empty stomach, and this can also be taken two hours after meal.

Yes on empty stomach or after two three hours of lunch and maintain a gap of half an hour for any snack after taking vit C.

It's always recommended to take it first thing in the morning in empty stomach for better absorption and good results. After meals it might not give desirable results and might even disappear in the gut due to acids.



Can this tablet give effective skin lightening and bright without using Glutone 1000 tablets? And if yes than after how many months we should take rest to re-use it?

2 answers

Yes,u give a little brite glowing skin but not faster and not visible like glutone +vit C..

No.. this alone will not give u skin lightening

My age is 20 can i also take Ener c 1000 with glutone 1000?

5 answers

Yes you will take

Yes of course u can take both


Yes! Definitely

Yes u can take it

This tablet is sugar free?

5 answers



Nothing mentioned on pack

In the bottle it is written No sugar added in the product. Ener c 1000 contains artificial sweetner

Yah this is Great and super frew

Isse Glutathione ke Bina vi let skte hai na? (This can be taken without Glutathione as well, right?)

11 answers

You may ask your doctor, because I took it as my only supplement

yes and it is also good for immune system

Very effective product & I didn't feel any weakness after using it, it's very nice product for oral use, so I recommend others to use it

Offcourse you can.

U can take Ener C with glutathiine for good results..

Haan le sakte hai.




Yes we can.



3 answers

I did not understand your question

It's not work

Ener C is really good but works better when taken along with any Glutathione tablets. It could be of any good brands. Nowadays, lots of good brands much affordable are available in the market.

can this alone give us results?

3 answers


What results r u looking for ... this is vitamin c .. good for skin and building immunity


as I can see on ENER C 1000 that this tablets have 1000 mg of vitamn c,, i want to know weather ESCOR Z also have 1000 mg vitamin c ??? or less than 1000 mg ?

4 answers

1000 is not its mg its onlt product name ,actually vitamin C strenght is 650 mg

Its the worst product which I have bought in my life .. I'm using it approximately 2-3 months but I didn't get any result

I don't know


What age can use this product?

1 answers

It good after 25+ age

Glutathione k alawa le sakte hain kya? Can this be taken without Glutathione?

1 answers

Yes,u cn use it daily in mornjng empty stomach

For how long should I take this?

2 answers

minimum 3 months

I take it for 4 month..

Is it a genuine product?

1 answers

Yes, it’s a genuine product

Any added sugar contents?

1 answers

No there is no added sugar

Will 20 tablets be enough?

1 answers

You just need to take one tablet a day if you need more you can always order a fresh batch