healcure latex disposable gloves (medium)

Brand : Healcure | Marketed By : Healcure Implants & Surgicals

Healcure Latex Disposable Gloves helps you while handling infected or irritant materials. It also helps in while working in laboratory and medical or surgical instruments

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Used For :

Protection :

  • It can be used while handling infected or irritant materials
  • It can be worn while cleaning laboratory equipment and medical or surgical instruments.
  • It protect against allergies

Examination :

  • Used for digital examination
  • Pathological & Radiological Examination
  • Dermatological Examination
Treatment :
  • Wound dressing caterisation
  • Used for biopsy, dialysis & Intensive Care Unit

Technique For Wear and Remove non-sterile Examination Gloves:

  • When the hand hygiene indication occurs before a contact requiring glove use, perform hand hygiene by rubbing with an alcohol-based hand rub
  • How to Wear Gloves: Take out a glove from its original box
  • Touch only a restricted surface of the glove corresponding to the wrist (at the top edge of the cuff)
  • Wear the first glove: Take the second glove with the bare hand and touch only a restricted surface of glove corresponding to the wrist
  • To avoid touching the skin of the forearm with the gloved hand, turn the external surface of the glove to be donned on the folded fingers of the gloved hand, thus permitting to glove the second hand
  • Once gloved, hab=nds should not touch anything else that is not defined by indications and conditions for glove use
  • How to Remove Gloves: Pinch one glove at the wrist level to remove it, without touching the skin of the forearm, and peel away from the hand, thus allowing the glove to turn inside out
  • Hold the removed glove in the gloved hand and slide the fingers of the un-gloved hand inside between the glove and the wrist. Remove the second glove by rolling it down the hand and fold into the first glove
  • Discard the removed gloves.

Then Perform hand hygiene by rubbing with an alcohol-based hand rub

Country of Manufacture:Malaysia
Packaging Type:Box
In The Box:100 Numbers by Weight
Application Area:Hands

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