inosept c 70% alcohol based hand disinfectant, 500ml

Inosept C 70% Alcohol Based Hand Disinfectant is effective against all major disease causing bacteria. It is a broad spectrum antibacterial and antiviral agent. Inosept C kills 99.9% of the virus and germs, and ensures you have a healthy hand and safe well-being.

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Q: Does it have alcohol? (1 Answers)

Posted By : prapti sen on 02 April, 2020

A : Yes, this is s alcohol based sanitizer

Q: Is it fragrance or fragrance free? (1 Answers)

Posted By : Arun Debnath on 03 April, 2020

A : It has fragrance

Q: Are Alcohol based sanitizers better than other non-alcohol based sanitizers? (1 Answers)

Posted By : ALOK VERMA on 31 March, 2020

A : Yes. Generally, alcohol-based sanitizers are preferred to be more effective but only if the alcohol concentration level is between 60-95%. Some hand sanitizers have less than 60% so make sure to read the active ingredients as less than 60% isn’t that effective.

Q: Are Inosept C Alcohol Based Hand sanitizer as effective as hand washing? (1 Answers)

Posted By : Praveen Goyal on 31 March, 2020

A : If used correctly in certain conditions, hand sanitizers can be as effective as soap and water. But if you get a chance always use soaps for hand wash.

Q: Is this hand sanitizer effective against COVID-19? (1 Answers)

Posted By : Sree Vardhan on 30 March, 2020

A : You should always keep your hands clean to avoid any contamination or induction of any disease as you eat, touch your face with that hand. Clean hands is one important step in our fight against not just corona but most of the illness.