kinderpro chocolate flavor, 500gm

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Kinderpro- Chocolate Flavor Supports Eye & Brain Development Healthy Gut With Pre & Pro Biotics Improves Cogntive & Memory Power Strengthens the Immune Systems

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It has been largely studied and well documented that the instances of Mal-Nutrition and Under Nutrition in children are decreasing in todays world. The WHO along with UNICEF have now set out a new goal for Child Nutrition. Improving sharpness and mental acuity of the child in order to improve overall potential of the child is the new aspiration and goal.                                                                

Sufficient amounts of Macronutrients for the development of the child is essential. Over and above this, the child requires a lot of micronutrients to help in brain development, improvement of hand-eye coordination, development of healthy skeletal structure. Also a strong immune system is essential for the healthy growth and development of a child.  KinderPro is formulated keeping in mind the Guideline and targets set by WHO and UNICEF. Apart from the essential Macronutrients, the formulation of KinderPro contains a lager number of micronutrients for improved mental acuity, improved brain and eye development, gut health, immunity and skeletal strength.


Keeps the children active and healthy,KinderPro improves immunity against infections,Facilitates overall growth and development,KinderPro improves mental ability and memory,Helps in brain and retinal development, KinderPro improves bone growth and skeletal health

Country of Manufacture:India
Product Quantity:500gms
Packaging Type:Box
In The Box:1 Piece

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