'COC POD Unedited' is ClickOnCare's Podcast with the intent of connecting with everyone on a personal level. The Podcast consists of Weekly releases were members of the #COCCLAN share their experience and discuss varied topics from trending memes to an optimum skincare routine.

Episode 01:

The one with the K-Pop & Korean Skincare Routine

By Himalay, Mohana & Utsav / 17th Dec 2019

The first-ever Podcast from ClickOnCare where they stutter, get nervous, fumble and laugh.
Discussing their love for music and sharing their experience. Enjoy!

Episode 02:

The one Where the HR was Interviewed

By Utsav Chakravorty & Meghna Dey / 19th Dec 2019

This is where the HR of ClickOnCare was convinced to be Interviewed, well kind of.
Where they discuss their journey and experience. Enjoy!

Episode 03:

The one with the dream of becoming a dancer

By Utsav & Dharmendra / 21th Dec 2019

This is where they talk about their dreams and Desires. Sharing their life experiences and stories . Enjoy!

Episode 04:

The one where they shared their childhood memories.

By Utsav / 26th Dec 2019

This is where they replenish their childhood days and share some notorious pranks they did when they were in school. Enjoy!

Episode 05:

The One where they open up about their desires

By Utsav / 24th Jan 2020

This podcast is all about opening up and discussing their desires and liking in brief as they talk about why they like them and taking a stint at individuality. Enjoy!

Episode 06:

The One where we had a chat with the Interns.

By Utsav / 24th Jan 2020

This is where they shared the experience about their new work life , Bangalore and its weather. The journey to shift to a new place and the fun behind that.

Episode 07:

The one in conversation with Hasim: Eid Special.

By Utsav & Hasim / 01st Aug 2020

This is where, Hasim, a team member of the ClickOnCare's Housekeeping Department shares how he used to celebrate Eid, back in his village.