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escor c 1000 effevescent orange flavour pack of 2

Brand: Escor-Z | Marketed By: Adroit Biomed

ESCOR C 1000 is enriched with Phyllanthus emblica L. extract, considered as a rich source of vitamin C. In effervescent format ESCOR C 1000 is the right choice of your daily health drink to increase your immunity. Trusted by healthcare professionals. Skin is always busy fighting with the enormous quantities of free radicals produced by virtue of biological reactions and critically because of external insults such as UV radiations, pollution and chemicals. This free radical overload (FRO) interferes in the cellular metabolism as well as leads to collagen degradation and melanin over production. Balancing this FRO is important to ensure health of the skin and also to prevent the loss of collagen. Phyllanthus embelica extract in ESCORC1000 is considered as a rich source of vitamin C. It helps fight free radicals, increase collagen and brighten the skin

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