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vogue wellness biozip, 60 capsules

Brand: Vogue Wellness | Marketed By: Vogue Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd.

Vogue Wellness Biozip Capsules is a prebiotic and probiotic. The combination of these help to deliver optimal digestive health. A regular dosage of these probiotic tablets can improve the overall digestion, food absorption, gas as well as bloating. It may also work to offer relief in times of inflammation and act as an immunity booster. The prebiotic help to maximize the results of probiotic by increasing the growth of good bacteria. Prebiotics act as a food for probiotics and other bacteria in the gut and are non digestible carbohydrates. This specialized plant fiber offers nourishment to the already existing good bacteria in the bowel or colon and act as a fertilizer for them. These improve the ratio between good and bad bacteria as well.

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