Radant Anti Stretch Mark Oil, 35ml

Brand: Percos India

M.R.P. : ₹ 820

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Q : Where do you apply Oil for stretch marks?(1 Answers)
Posted By: SIVAGAMI SUNDARI on 12 October, 2018
A : Obvio, around the areas where you have stretch marks! usually near belly, shoulder and thigh areas.
Posted By: Shivakumar R on 17 December, 2018
Q : Can I use this for pregnancy stretch marks?(1 Answers)
Posted By: shweta patel on 30 December, 2018
A : Yes, I have been using this
Posted By: Disha Vaswani on 18 January, 2019
A : As per a recent studies it is found that all major or popular Stretch Marks home remedies dont actually orient to any noted results in healing or lightening the stretch marks.
Posted By: ClickOnCare on 22 March, 2019
Q : How can I avoid stretch marks during pregnancy?(1 Answers)
Posted By: Tilak Prabhu on 20 March, 2019
A : Here are few things you can do apart from using this oil to get rid of stretch marks post-delivery naturally .Oil Treatment,Aloe Vera, Honey, Egg White, Shea Butter Or Cocoa Butter,Sugar,Lemon Juice. But Home Remedies for stretch marks have no scintefically proven result yet, So you know what to do.
Posted By: Ria bajaj on 08 April, 2019
A : You u can.
Posted By: prapti sen on 08 June, 2019
Q : How much time it will take?(1 Answers)
Posted By: sunita sahastrabudhey on 25 June, 2019
A : 6 months.. if you use daily
Posted By: Arun Debnath on 05 July, 2019
Q : How to use this product for belly stretch marks?(1 Answers)
Posted By: Jayshree Bhatankar on 02 July, 2019
A : Apply gently around the affected area with clock wise and anti-clock wise direction and Use twice daily for best results
Posted By: ALOK VERMA on 15 July, 2019
Q : Is it effective for old and darkened stretch marks?(1 Answers)
Posted By: Vinod Naganpure on 17 July, 2019
A : No not that much
Posted By: Praveen Goyal on 30 July, 2019
A : yes, It is safe to use in pregnancy after first trimester
Posted By: Sree Vardhan on 12 August, 2019
A : Ha, Ap use kar shakte ho
Posted By: geetanjali bhatt on 02 September, 2019