Company Name : Alchem Life

Company Description :

AlchemLifeTM introduces Phytomedicine Gen3--A new ERA of Natural Solutions to fight your everyday health battles and be "Naturally Healthy for Life". Phytomedicine Gen3 are the latest generations of Phytomedicines which have undergone international clinical studies. These published clinical studies conclusively establish their effectiveness across a range of ailments. AlchemLifeTM is a consumer brand owned by Alchem International. The brand offers a range of Third Generation Phytomedicines (or Phytomedicine Gen3) with the firm postulate of 'Naturally healthy for life', focused on a broad spectrum of health conditions afflicting people over the age of 40. Phytomedicine Gen3 solutions are more efficacious than regular Phytomedicines because they are developed using AlchemLife's proprietary extraction process called PhytoAdvanceTM Technology which isolates active plant molecules in a manner that preserves the 'natural balance' and 'synergistic effects' present in the original plant material. Phytomedicine Gen3 is ideally suited for long term treatment of a range of ailments, typically for people above the age of 40.These include cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, memory loss, arthritis, liver ailments, prostate issues, pain management and so on. Further, due to their clinically proven efficacy, they can be used as primary therapies or as adjuncts with allopathic drugs. AlchemLife's Phytomedicine Gen3 range is retailed across India through a well-established network of stockiest, distributors and chemists. Founded in 1935, Alchem International is a pioneer in the field of phytochemicals. It has over 75 years of experience in providing plant derived APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical industries across 35 countries globally. Alchem International has a global footprint with over 1000 employees worldwide, 3 manufacturing sites across India and international offices in India, Europe, Hong Kong, Australia, Mexico, Japan and the United States. Its products are sold globally.

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