Uproot Lotion, 120ml

Brand: Dabur

M.R.P. : ₹ 400

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Q : When will this product be available in stock?(2 Answers)
Posted By: swagatika maharna on 29 April, 2018
A : Availability of a Product is Manufacturer Dependent and as such no Prior Information is yet available for this Product. Request you to subscribe to the "Out of Stock Subscription" on the Product page for us to notify you the Moment it is back.
Posted By: ClickOnCare on 30 April, 2018
A : Product's availability is at the discretion of the Manufacturer and as such no dates are currently available. You could subscribe to the Out of Stock Subscription on Email and Mobile - On the Product's page and We shall notify you about the availability.
Posted By: ClickOnCare on 07 May, 2018
Q : Using uproot lotion can i get rid of my facial hairs?(1 Answers)
Posted By: Praveen Goyal on 27 May, 2018
A : No, Not at all. Don't try anything. It's hormonal issue. Just take proper diet & avoid fast food. Consult a good doctor.
Posted By: Sanjogita Pandita on 01 June, 2018
Q : Is it causes skin darkening or brightening?(1 Answers)
Posted By: nidhi agarwal on 13 December, 2018
A : It doesn’t give any....your original skin color will be as it is and after hair removal your skin tone will be like hair free clear skin
Posted By: Ashu Mishra on 25 December, 2018
Q : When should i use this product night or day?(1 Answers)
Posted By: collol dutta on 28 December, 2018
A : you can use this product daily on morning after bath and night on clean skin
Posted By: Sonal Shailendra on 31 December, 2018
Q : After using uproot lotion can I use other lotion(1 Answers)
Posted By: amita shukla on 10 January, 2019
A : Do not use any lotions or cream before and after applying uproot lotion. You should wait for 1 hour after using uproot
Posted By: nilesh kuchhadiya on 23 January, 2019
Q : Is it good for sensitive and dry skin?(1 Answers)
Posted By: Ranjani Balasubramanian on 21 January, 2019
A : yes, you can use this cream for sensitive or dry skin.
Posted By: Rakesh Ramalingam on 01 February, 2019
Q : How often should it be use?(1 Answers)
Posted By: hetal bhnauhsali on 04 February, 2019
A : you can use regular and correctly way. If you are using every day you get result very fast.
Posted By: Pratheesh S on 05 February, 2019
Q : Is it compulsory to wax or shave before applying the lotion?
Posted By: Bhuvaneshwari -boni on 18 February, 2019
Q : Can i use this without waxing ?(1 Answers)
Posted By: Monika Saini on 09 March, 2020
A : For better result I suggest you waxing first and than use this.
Posted By: karamjeet kaur on 18 May, 2020