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Enerzal Powder Lime, 100gm

Enerzal Powder Lime, 100gm

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Enerzal Powder contains carbohydrates and 5 vital electrolytes. Enerzal refuels the energy, replenishes body salts lost during the day to day activities and rehydrates to improve performance

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Benefits Of Enerzal Powder Lime :
• Sodium: Maintain fluid balance
• Symptoms of a sodium deficiency include muscle cramps, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, and inability to concentrate.
• Drinking too much fluid, especially plain water, can result to low sodium levels and negativity impact performance, especially during bouts of training.
• Chlorine: Transmitting nerve impulses and regulating fluid in and out of cells.
• Potassium: Prevents muscle cramps, helps in Brain-Muscle communication.
• Magnesium: Relaxes Muscles
• Calcium: Triggers muscle contraction.


Directions For Use :
• Mix 1 table spoon (15g) in 1 glass (200ml) of water


Sodium chloride: 2.6 gm, Potassium chloride: 1.5 gm, Sodium citrate: 2.9 gm, Dextrose anhydrous: 13.5 gm