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Fast&Up Whey Advanced Isolate + Hydrolysed Whey Rich Chocolate Flavour, 30 Servings (Rs. 146.3/gm)

Fast&Up Whey Advanced Isolate + Hydrolysed Whey Rich Chocolate Flavour, 30 Servings (Rs. 146.3/gm)

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Fast&Up Whey Advanced is made with European Whey Protein Blend that contains Whey Hydrolysate + Isolate, Grass-Fed and High Quality Digestive Enzyme Pepzyme AG. Formulated with 100% Protein from Whey and complete amino acid profile with PDCAAS 1, each serving of this Pre-Digested Whey Protein delivers fast digesting 24g Protein, 5.5g BCAA and 4g Glutamine to promote muscle growth, strength and recovery. However, when it comes to protein, many have difficulty in digestion, Fast&Up Whey supplement is extremely low in lactose and supports easy digestion with added digestive enzyme to help prevent bloating, stomach upsets and GI distress. It is designed with Cross-Flow Microfiltration Technology that helps with Easy Mixing, Fast Digestion, Smooth Texture and Rapid Absorption to help you advance towards your fitness goals. It is an excellent choice of whey protein supplement for anyone who is looking for a high quality, clean, safe and fast, easy digesting whey protein that mixes instantly, has smooth texture, has no added sugar, has extremely low lactose and tastes delicious. Ideal for anyone who is a fitness enthusiast, athlete, fitness professional, bodybuilder and wants to build and maintain lean muscles. It is available in Tasty Chocolate Flavour, with No Added Sugar, No Banned Substances and only high quality, clean nutrition to fuel your fitness goals with peak performance.

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