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Millennium Herbal Care

Millennium Herbal Care Pro HairVit AD (Anti-Dandruff) Hair Oil, 2x100ml (Rs. 5.33/ml)

Millennium Herbal Care Pro HairVit AD (Anti-Dandruff) Hair Oil, 2x100ml (Rs. 5.33/ml)

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(Rs. 5.33/ml)

100% Natural Intensive Anti-Dandruff Oil for Healthy & Dandruff Free Scalp & Hair.

PRO HairVit Anti Dandruff hair oil is an intensive formula that restores scalp barrier function and controls fungal growth from its 1st application for dandruff free and healthy scalp. It is specially formulated to fight dandruff that result from the loss of scalp barrier integrity, excessive shedding of scalp skin and overgrowth of fungus in scalp skin and hair.

PRO HairVit Anti Dandruff hair oil is enriched with 100% natural cold compress oil of 9 ayurvedic herbs that are scientifically proven to control the growth of fungus and fight dandruff.

It contains key ingredients like neem leaf and tea tree that inhibits growth of  fungus in scalp and hair, while kayaputi and Karanja soothes inflamed scalp and controls excessive microbial growth, Basil regulates sebum production in scalp skin and prevents clogging of hair follicles, Aloevera and Til oil moisturizes scalp and reduces its itching and flaking.

PRO HairVit Anti dandruff hair oil is non sticky and lightweight, it doesn’t weigh down hair on application and can be used daily. It is free from mineral oil and doesn't alter the protective integrity of hair and scalp. On application it gives pleasant cooling and relaxation feel and has natural fragrance

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