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Millennium Herbal Care

Millennium Herbal Care HairVit Hair Oil, 3x100ml (Rs. 3.25/ml)

Millennium Herbal Care HairVit Hair Oil, 3x100ml (Rs. 3.25/ml)


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(Rs. 3.25/ml)

100% Natural Anti Hair fall & Complete Scalp & Hair Nourishment with 16 Herbs

HairVit is a 100% natural hair and scalp nutrient and conditioning oil that helps nourish your hair and reduce hair fall.

HairVit combines a well researched and synergistic blend of 16 herbal oil extracts, combining the benefits of coconut and sesame (til) oil. HairVit is very effective in nourishing the scalp and hair. The herbs used to prepare HairVit are effective in killing microbes, fungi, and bacteria. It reduces hair fall and provides nutrients for healthy hair growth.

HairVit is non sticky, can be easily worn during the day and washes off in one wash. See healthier, more voluminous and shinier dandruff free hair that breaks less and makes you more confident.






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