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Millennium Herbal Care

Millennium Herbal Care Pachnam Liquid, 3x200ml (Rs. 0.9/ml)

Millennium Herbal Care Pachnam Liquid, 3x200ml (Rs. 0.9/ml)

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(Rs. 0.9/ml)

Natural Digestion Support & Appetiser for Optimum Gut Health.
The common symptoms of indigestion include fullness of stomach, gas formation, pain, and burning sensation in the stomach area. Loss of appetite often accompanies indigestion. Irritable bowel syndrome can also manifest with abdominal pain, diarrhoea and / or constipation.
Pachnam liquid helps relieve indigestion.
Pachnam liquid contains essential herbs that help stimulate the digestive juices that aid effective breaking down of food into nutrients the body needs. It provides relief from abdominal heaviness and regulates bowel movement. When taken before meals, Pachnam stimulates appetite.
Pachnam liquid is 100% natural and safe for long-term use and does not cause addiction.

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