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Millennium Herbal Care

Millennium Herbal Care Sang-Pure Bath Bar, 3x100gm (Rs. 2.49/gm)

Millennium Herbal Care Sang-Pure Bath Bar, 3x100gm (Rs. 2.49/gm)

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(Rs. 2.49/gm)

Ayurvedic Herbal Anti-infective, Superior Cleansing Bath Bar for Body Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Healthy Skin Maintenance.
A healthy skin is considered to be one that is smooth with no eruptions and breaks on its surface. Irrespective of age, a good skin reflects the youthfulness of an individual.
Hygiene plays a major role in defining the health of the skin. Thus, if the skin is not regularly cleaned, it can serve as a source for various unwanted organisms to thrive thereby causing inflammation, itching, redness and eruptions.
SANG-PURE BATH BAR is an advanced natural anti-infective bathing bar enriched with intensively researched extracts of anti-bacterial herbs. It effectively cleanses and fights epidermal microorganisms preventing skin infection and eruptions. It also moisturizes skin and helps to heal lesions.

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